The social eco-residence

Today APCARS manages 99 accommodations through room rentals in a social hostel. It is nonetheless necessary today to find a better housing solution in terms of quality and cost than these social hostels.

This is the reason that at the end of 2013 our association launched reflection on the concept of a 60-room social eco-residence with the following proposed characteristics:

Social dimension

  • Diversity of populations (students, temporary workers, justice publics) to avoid ghettoization

Sociological dimension

  • Location in a town that is far from the original neighborhoods of the justice publics (breaking off
  • Integration in the immediate neighborhood (multi-purpose room shared with the local associations)
  • Participation by volunteers in the town for the social insertion of the justice publics

Economical dimension

  • Controlled operational budget and modest cost (-50%/prison costs)
  • 66% of the rooms financed by the renters themselves, 33% of the remaining rooms subsidized and paid by the users (justice publics)
  • Diversity of the financing (public-private)

Ecological dimension

  • High Environmental Quality construction and low-energy impact

Partnership dimension

  • With the prison administration to offer a solid insertion project to ex-detainees
  • With specialized associations and local companies for professional insertion

This project is supported by the prison administration service (SPIP Hauts-de-Seine) and is part of the multi-year departmental plan for prevention of delinquency.

It is currently in the feasibility stage with the contribution of two professionals from BNP Real Estate, an architect and an engineer, in the context of a skill-based sponsorship.

To have more information about this project, contact us  direction(at)