Individualizing the judicial outcome

Legal supervision

Legal supervision is a measure of supervision, decided by Justice for suspected person, before trial.

This measure, in the way it is exercised by APCARS, has a socio-educational purpose and tends to favor the integration of the judicially constrained person all while ensuring public security and his or her presence in court.

At TGI Créteil, our judicial reviews of services and assistance to victims now communicate with each other in order to inform and protect the victims of intra-family violence whose spouses are subject to a duty of cohabitation. In this context, the ethical and procedural rules are strictly followed.

Awareness programs on the use of narcotics

These programs are an alternative to criminal prosecution to a consecutive use of drugs for arrest.

This form of educational response is nonetheless a penalty on drug use. They provide trainees with epidemiological data, knowledge on the risks of addictive behavior in general and their impact on the personal sphere, social, family and work, as well as information on care systems.

The programs are based on group dynamics, individual responsibility, the search for meaning to behavior.